Bokeh 1.0.3 Released

/ Bryan Van de Ven

We are pleased to announce the release of Bokeh 1.0.3!

Specific issues completed for this release include:

  • Enable Copy-and-Paste from DataTable #7762
  • Add a Multi-line TextAreaInput widget #2828

Since the last two micro releases did not get their own blog posts, it’s worth mentioning a few issues from 1.0.1 and 1.0.2 here as well:

  • Expose configurable DataTable row height #8411
  • Fix issue with legends and empty scatter glyphs #8395
  • Fix issue with oval, ellipse legends #8375
  • Recognized CSS rgb(a) strings for colors #4096

For full details, see the CHANGELOG and Release Notes. Additionally, examples for each release are uploaded to CDN. Click here to download.

If you are using Anaconda, Bokeh can most easily be installed by executing the command conda install -c bokeh bokeh . Otherwise, use pip install bokeh.

Apart from the issues linked above, a few broader project news items are worth mentioning here.

New domain

I’m happy to announce that, with generous help from NumFocus, the Bokeh project has been able to secure the domain. We’ve already stood up a few subdomains:

  • — This site!
  • — New URL for bokeh sampledata

Other sites are planned but not yet active:

  • — Polished “front page” for the project as a whole
  • — Eventual location for primary docs
  • — A central place for live Bokeh notebooks
  • — “Imgur for Bokeh” plot sharing

The last one is worth expanding on. We have a very rough prototype of a simple service to publicly share standalone Bokeh content. Using a new function, fully rendered Bokeh content will be available to link to. The JSON representation (and possibly a PNG export as well) will also be available for directly embedding in other pages.

However, you can see how much UX design help we need in the screenshot below:

Image of

We can also use assistance with completing the implementation of the Serverless cloud service itself. This project is an area where a little work from contributors with the right experience would make an immensely valuable, outsize impact to a huge number of Bokeh users. Please consider reaching out if you can help!

Upcoming 1.1 release

The next release will be version 1.1. The reason for the minor version bump is a large update #8085 Improve the layout subsystem. This update completely reworks the Bokeh layout system from the ground up. It closes more than a dozen open layout-related issues, makes large (~100 plot) layouts much more performant, and adds much more rigorous layout testing across a wide variety of situations.

We have worked very hard to try and ensure that this necessary work does not disrupt any existing usage. However, with anything this large there is always some risk. An easy way for anyone to contribute back to the Bokeh community is to test out the upcoming developer builds that we will soon make available, and report back any unexpected issues, so the can be addressed before a release!

As always, anyone interested in helping out should drop by the Dev Chat Channel! and say hello!


Bryan Van de Ven