Bokeh 0.12.11 Released

/ Bryan Van de Ven

We are pleased to announce the release of Bokeh 0.12.11!

This incremental release has the following highlights:

  • New step glyph method for drawing step lines
  • LOD downsampling works automatically on linked plots
  • Bokeh server made simpler to embed with less boilerplate
  • Ongoing fixes and improvements to layout

Plus several other bug fixes and documentation improvements. For full details, see the CHANGELOG and Release Notes. Additionally, examples for each release are uploaded to CDN. Click here to download.

If you are using Anaconda, Bokeh can most easily be installed by executing the command conda install -c bokeh bokeh . Otherwise, use pip install bokeh.

Upcoming Work

As mentioned in the previous release, we are reaching a point of relative stability with respect to Bokeh development. The major tasks for the next few Bokeh releases are these:

  • Continue foundational layout fixes and improvements
  • Allow Bokeh application components to be individually included in arbitrary HTML templates
  • Refactor and improve how selections are handled for data sources
  • Finish the work to clearly delineate and standardize all modules and APIs

With the exception of the work on selections, I do not expect any major user-facing changes. The selection architecture has badly needed an overhaul for a long time. Now that we have resources to dive into it, it must be done before 1.0 since there may be some unavoidable breaking changes necessary in some situations. (We will strive to keep these to a bare minimum and provide compatibility where possible.) Any changes will be thoroughly documented in future releases.

As we get closer to a Bokeh 1.0 release, I’d like to thank the 268 total contributors who have helped make Bokeh such an amazing project. If you’re interested in helping out, drop by the Dev Chat Channel!


Bryan Van de Ve